West Loop Parking Lot Targeted for 2-Tower 1,000+ Apartment Plan

There are two things that never give up hope: Dogs, and the surface parking lot next to Heritage Green Park.

Model of 625 West Monroe by SMDP.
Model of 625 West Monroe by SMDP.

The 250-space West Loop slab at 601 West Monroe Street has been the subject of at least four redevelopment plans since we started publishing 18 years ago.  From a modest 20-something-story office tower to smdp’s angular 38-story BP Tower to the 75-story office slant floated in 2013.

Today, the offices are off, and in spite of all the breathless posts from 20-year-old real estate bloggers, downtown residential is the hotness in Chicago.  Again.  Only this time, swap Pacific Reach Properties for Fifield, and swap SCB for smdp.

If Pacific Reach is unfamiliar to you, it’s a Canadian company with properties in three American cities, and three cities in the Great White North.  Locally, you may know it for Linea, the apartment building located at 215 West Lake Street in The Loop.   While not the first Chicago building to have its own theme song, it is the first we can remember to have four versions of its theme song, including a house mix for the E.D.C. crowd.

This time, the plan for 601/625 West Monroe Street is a pair of residential blocks of 40 and 47 stories; just a skosh shorter than neighboring Presidential Towers, all four of which clock in at 49 stories.

Both buildings will share a retail and parking podium, with a small amount of the retail facing the park.  The rest of the park will face into a translucent wall that hides a seven-bay loading dock.  The north-facing tower is expected to be built first.

By the numbers:

  • North tower
    • Floors: 47
    • Apartments: 527
    • Retail space: 23,405 square feet
    • Automobile parking: 397 spaces
    • Bicycle parking: 385 
  • West Tower
    • Floors: 40
    • Apartments: 516
    • Retail space: 6,904 square feet
    • Automobile parking: 33 spaces

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