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Trib Condos Creep Closer to Completion

The effort to transform the Tribune Tower into a passel of fancy-schmancy condominiums continues on the edge of Streeterville. And form outward appearances, things seem to be drawing to a close.

One thing you learn from observing urban construction for 40 years is that a project’s completion status can often be divined by perceiving how tidy the construction site is. The Trib Tower’s construction site has gotten notably more orderly over the last few weeks, and since there hasn’t been anything in Crain’s Chicago Business about CIM Group having money troubles, we attribute the public primping to the heavy lifting winding down.

Another indication that completion is near comes from the farm sink full of building permits the city has issued for kitchen installations at this address.

Construction at Tribune Tower in May, 2021. (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Jody.)
Construction at Tribune Tower in May, 2021. (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Jody.)

That’s not to say that things aren’t busy. Since the last time we showed you this scene, the light well balconies have gone from safety rigging to clear glass, and you can see guys in hardhats crawling all over. Not literally crawling. Figuratively crawling. Like toddlers on a bouncy house. Or Lollapaloozans on the Free Face Paint girl. Or puppies on pretty much anything. Nevermind. Here’s a bunch of pictures of the construction from Streeterville Spy Jody.

Location: 435 North Michigan Avenue, Streeterville

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