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How did 601 West Randolph Go Up So Quickly? Skender Pours the Beans

Have you ever asked yourself, “Self, how did 601 West Randolph go from hole in the ground to ‘Hey, look at that!’ so quickly?” Go ahead and admit it. We know you have.

West Loop Spy Kurt’s divining rod points to Skender Construction, the Fulton Market builder of highly rising things, including this high rise. He points out that the Skendarians kept to a tight schedule:

The first four pours (floor 2-5) were all 4 days apart. After that, most every floor was poured every 2nd day. They got to floor 5 in about a month and they’ll get the rest done in a little over a month. One curiosity was they seemed to avoid Fri pours. So, Mon, Wed, then the following Mon.

— West Loop Spy Kurt

Skender is so proud of its ability to pour concrete like a Wrigleyville barback pours 312 Urban Wheat Ale, it’s posted a video on the Youfacetagram all about it:

Location: 601 West Randolph Street, West Loop

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