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West Loop High Rise Gets New Renderings

With the office building going up at 609 West Randolph Street all topped off and everything, you might think that you’ve seen about all there is to see until it’s completed.  Nope.

June, 2021 rendering of 601 West Randolph. (Courtesy of Antunovich Associates.)
June, 2021 rendering of 601 West Randolph. (Courtesy of Antunovich Associates.)

The boffins over at Antunovich Associates have put together a new set of pictures showing what the project will look like when it’s done later this year.

The renderings give you a good look at how the high rise at 609 hangs over the co-owned, co-branded 1890’s building next door at 601.   From a distance, it almost looks like 609 hangs over the building on its west side, as well.  But that’s just an illusion.  There is no invasion of personal space going on here.

In addition, Antunovich’s web page about this building reflects a shift in what is considered de rigueur in this age of renewed hygiene enthusiasm.  While never mentioning the-virus-that-must-not-be-named-or-we-get-hate-mail-from-IP-addresses-in-China, the web page highlights certain antivirual aspects of the building, including: 

  • A fresh air exchange system “designed to reduce air-exchanges between tenant spaces.”  Because while breathing other people’s air was always gross, now it’s a safety hazard.
  • Touchless routes, so that you can go from outside, up the elevator, and into your office without using your hands, even after hours.  This is not only sanitary, but handy in Chicago’s winters when you’re all bundled up.
  • “High performance restrooms,” which means that you only have to touch one thing when taking care of business.
  • Six foot work stations.  Because being six feet away from everyone else is in no way a safety measure from any particular disease which may or may not be circling the planet at this time.

Location: 601 West Randolph Street, West Loop

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