As One Lincoln Yards Building Switches to Offices, Another Gets Bigger

There’s been a change of programming over at Lincoln Yards, the $6,000,000,000 Sterling Bay development sprawling along the north branch of the Chicago River.  The City of Chicago has greenlit (greenlighted? greenlamped? greened?) a new purpose in life for one building, while another has to make room for more pillows.

April, 2021 rendering of 1201 West Concord.
April, 2021 rendering of 1201 West Concord.

The building pulling the ol’ switcheroo is at 1201 West Concorde Place, a stretch of the street that currently doesn’t exist, but will eventually link North Throop to the North Kingsbury Street area and the north end of the soon-to-be-bustling-again Clybourn Corridor via a shiny new bridge.  The office building will be on the west bank of the river, just behind a new segment of Chicago Riverwalk.

The 1201 building was previously going to be the home of 200 residents, but the Department of Planning and Development recently gave Sterling Bay permission to change it into a 267,300-square-foot office building with 55 parking spaces in the basement, where they belong.  

The 200 homes are going to be added to the previously 400-unit building across the street.  If 600 homes in one building gets your skyscraper senses all tingling for a mingling, calm down Festus.  Both buildings are supposed to retain their maximum height of 150 feet.

We don’t know what the new 600-unit residential building will look like just yet, but this is what you can expect from the new Gensler-designed office building.

Location: 1201 West Concord Place, Goose Island

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