Fulton High-Rise Greened, Bows to Arthur “Stainless Steel Balls” Harris

It was Two-fer Thursday for LG Development at the Chicago Plan Commission this past week.  The prolific constructors of all things great and small used to be content just kitting out Damen Avenue perfume boutiques. Now it’s ben cleared for takeoff with another high-rise in downtown Chicago.

This project is at 210 North Aberdeen Street in West Town, just barely clipping one corner of the Fulton Market Historic District.  It sits on a cobbled together group of plots, and ends up as a through-block project, with existing buildings remaining on the north and southwest sides of the block.

Rendering of 210 North Aberdeen.
Rendering of 210 North Aberdeen.

The high-rise has an L shape, with a central core clad in brick, and wings stretching south and west covered in glass. Naturally, it sits atop a parking podium, because… Chicago.  

On the plus side, this development will preserve the historic Arthur Harris Building next door.   Since 1884, Arthur Harris has been known for its stainless steel balls.  It also makes coat hooks, just for different.

At one time, the idea was to transform the Harris building into a food court, but that was back when the larger building was going to be offices and a hotel.  The last we heard, a restaurant may be in the mix, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

  • Developer: LG Development
  • Architecture firm: NORR
  • Cost: $150,000,000
  • Maximum height: 238 feet, eight inches
  • Roof height: 220 feet, eight inches
  • Floors: 19
  • Residences: 414
  • Affordable units
    • 83 on-site
    • 41 off-site

Location: 210 North Aberdeen Street, West Town

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