Five Building Goose Island Project Seeks Approval This Week

Canadian builder Onni Group heads to the Chicago Plan Commission this week to ask for permission to transform the old Greyhound bus yard at the southern tip of Goose Island into a mixed-use skyscraper community called Halsted Point.

April, 2021 rendering of Halsted Point (via Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture)
April, 2021 rendering of Halsted Point (via Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture)

The design by Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture includes over 2,600 new residences, a 28-story hotel, a supermarket, a pedestrian bridge over the North Branch, and 1,400 parking spaces in five buildings east of Halsted and west of the wet.

The style of this project shows the influence of a developer on an architect. HPA has demonstrated that it can design all kinds of buildings in all kinds of styles. But this project is very Vancouver in its look, reflecting the sensibilities of its developer. We’ve long complained about the Vancouverization of Chicago. But it’s hard to grind gears over replacing a bus barn.

With a couple of thousand new residences, and three hundred new hotel rooms, it’s time to think about another water taxi stop. Because arriving in Chicago by train, then getting on a water taxi to your hotel sounds pretty sweet to us. Maybe if the hotel ends up being a high-end brand, it might even have its own boat. That’ll generate more ink than an audience of frightened squid.

Here’s the sprockets on this machine:

  • Developer: Onni Group
  • Architecture firm: Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture
  • Address: 901 North Halsted Street
  • Net site area: 331,917 square feet
  • Overall Floor Area Ratio: 8.1 (5.0 base + 3.1 bonus)
  • Zoning: DS-5 → DX-5 → PD
  • Maximum residences: 2,650
  • Affordable housing: 530 units, all on-site
  • Building A
    • Size: 66,904 square feet
    • Total building height: 501 feet, six inches
    • Height above grade: 490 feet
    • Roof height above grade: 470 feet
    • Podium height: 68 feet, 10 inches
    • Floors: 46
    • Floor area ratio: 8.4
    • Maximum residences: 609 apartments
    • Automobile parking: 226 spaces
    • Loading docks: 4
    • Green roof: 5,209 square feet
    • Pool: 6th floor amenity deck
  • Buildings B
    • Size: 86,536 square feet
    • Floors:
      • B1: 30
      • B2: 55
    • Maximum heights
      • B1: 309 feet
      • B2: 594 feet
    • Floor area ratio: 12.3
    • Maximum residences: 1,277
    • Automobile parking: 535 spaces
    • Loading docks: 2
  • Building C
    • Size: 141,747 square feet
    • Floors: 55
    • Maximum height: 594 feet
    • Floor area ratio: 5.0
    • Maximum residences: 764
    • Automobile parking: 534 spaces
    • Loading docks: 2
  • Building D
    • Size: 39,730
    • Floors: 28
    • Maximum height: 313 feet
    • Floor area ratio: 9.1
    • Maximum hotel rooms: 300
    • Automobile parking: 105 spaces
    • Loading docks: 2

Location: 901 North Halsted Street, Goose Island

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