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Crane Planted for New Fulton River District Skyscraper

With The Loop to its east, and West Town to its west, it’s surprising that we don’t see more hot skyscraper action in the Fulton River District these days. For those of you interested in towers between the two hyperactive markets, Fulton River Spy R. has got your back.

352 North Union under construction in September, 2021 (Courtesy of Fulton River Spy R.)
352 North Union under construction in September, 2021 (Courtesy of Fulton River Spy R.)

R. sent in these photos of a shiny red crane now rising amid the construction at 352 North Union Avenue, where the blandly-named 352 North Union is being put together. Someone get on the blower to Vancouver and drop some name suggestions into Onni Group’s voicemail. K, thx.

It’s been a few years since we last wrote about this one, so if you’re having trouble placing it in your mental map of downtown Chicago, it is immediately south of K2 and immediately north of the Metra train tracks coming into town. Or leading out of town, if that’s where you get your mail.

For those of you keeping score at home, the vital statistics of this building changed in February, 2019. It’s gotten shorter, down from 450 feet to just 410 feet. It’s also gotten fatter, in terms of parking spaces, rising from 145 spaces to 170. On the plus side, it will still sport the cool-looking cantilevered bridge, which connects this building to North Halsted Street without putting weight on Hubbard’s Cave down below. A second bridge will carry pedestrians over North Union to the Jewel’s. (Read that in Robin Baumgarten’s voice.)

For trainspotters, this will be an ideal building in which to live. It has three rail lines on its southern doorstep, three more a block to the north, four more another block to the northeast, and a full compliment of CTA lines within walking distance. But wait, there’s more.

352 North Union is situated exactly 41 feet south of the existing K2 residential tower. The reason for this is to make space for a future high-speed passenger rail line connecting Union Station Chicago with Saint Louis Union Station. If you haven’t been to STL’s version, it’s really quite nice, and a good jumping off point to explore all of the fully magnificent and very much free museums available in that city. In our experience, it’s also a great place to run into an ex-girlfriend from 10 years ago, have an expensive dinner, and then never hear from her again. Not that we’re bitter.

Location: 352 North Union Avenue, Fulton River District

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