North/Clybourn Tower Changes are a Big Deahl

When you’re lined up at the North and Clybourn Apple Store tomorrow so you can be the first kid in class to be disappointed to find out that the new AirPods are online only and not available in stores yet, you may find yourself kicking a Peet’s Coffee cup down Fremont Street wondering what ever became of that big residential tower they were going to put up on Blackhawk and Kingsbury. No worries, little feller. It’s coming. It’s just being fixed.

December 2020 rendering of Big Deahl (Courtesy of Structured Development)
December 2020 rendering of Big Deahl (Courtesy of Structured Development)

And by “fixed,” we mean that the Chicago Department of Planning and Development has given White Oak Realty Partners permission to make this tower better. Yes, you read that right. It appears from the paperwork that a developer is actually improving its plans before construction, rather than “value engineering” them into blandness.

The big change is on the roof, where there will be a new pool and an amenity deck. Pool scientists have demonstrated that rooftop pools are 94% more awesome than pools on top of parking garages. And even if it’s just one of those punchlist-complete lawyer-safe ankle-deep squares of moisture, it’s still 71% more goodlier than a pool on top of a building podium. You can’t argue with science.

It’s not just the pool that’s making a trip up to the 27th floor. All of the building amenities are going sky-high, taking over the top two levels of the building.

For those of you who prefer to al fresco on your own, the east and south sides of the building are getting balconies. And there will be private terraces on the seventh floor, so the smell of you grilling hamburgers can lazily drift upward and send 20 floors of neighbors scurrying across the street to Whole Foods for gluten-free, wind-farmed, dolphin-friendly ground beef, just $4.99/pound with your Prime membership.

If you need a refresher course on this building, you can scour the intarwebs for a Ted Talk that doesn’t exist, or you can just read this quick summary:

  • Address: 1450 North Dayton Street
  • Developer: White Oak Realty Partners
  • Owner: The Shops at Big Deahl
  • Net site area: 26,213 square feet
  • Maximum height: 299 feet
  • Length: 226 feet, four inches
  • Width: 115 feet, eight inches
  • Floors: 27
  • Floor area ratio: 12.46
  • Residences: 327
  • Automobile parking: 110 spaces
  • Bicycle parking spaces: 80

Location: 1450 North Dayton Street, Goose Island

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