Stat Sheet: 601 West Monroe

It’s been about a month since the City of Chicago gave its final approval to the construction of a pair of new skyscrapers at 601 West Monroe Street in the West Loop. We haven’t seen any construction permits issued just yet, but expect some soon now that the votes and been tallied and the paperwork has settled. With that in mind, here’s a summary of what we can expect from this project:

August 2021 rendering of 601 West Monroe
August 2021 rendering of 601 West Monroe
  • Developer: Jamal Properties (601 West Monroe), Inc.
  • For realsies: Pacific Reach Properties of Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Architecture firm: SCB
  • Zoning: DC12 (Downtown Core) → RBPD1517 (Residential-Business Planned Development)
  • Net site area: 63,168 square feet
  • Floor area ratio: 15.74
    • East building: 11.4
    • West building: 30.9
  • Maximum height
    • East building: 535 feet
    • West Building: 465 feet
  • Roof height
    • East building: 490 feet
    • West building; 420 feet
  • Length
    • East Building: 248 feet, 10 inches
    • West Building:196 feet, six inches
  • Width
    • East Building: 198 feet, 10 inches
    • West Building: 70 feet, three inches
  • Maximum residences: 1,053
    • East building: 537
    • West building: 516
  • Affordable housing
    • 26 units on-site
    • Payment of $14,847,181 to the city instead of building another 79 affordable units
  • Open space: 42,011 square feet
    • East building: 34,500 square feet
    • West building: 7,511 square feet
  • Automobile parking
    • East building: 430 spaces
    • West building: 30 spaces
  • Bicycle parking
    • East building: 385 spaces
    • West building: none
  • Loading berths: 7
    • Residential: 5
    • Retail: 2
  • Tidbits:
    • While financial services are permitted in this building’s retail space, pawn shops and payday loan stores are specifically forbidden.
    • While “sports and recreation” is permitted in this building’s retail space, children’s play centers, cabarets, and shooting ranges are specifically forbidden.
    • The dog park is owned by and maintained by the building, but must be open to the general public for free from 6am to 11pm every day.
    • The developer is required to plant a row of eight Norway spruce trees between Heritage Green park and the building loading docks. These trees will be in the park, but the developer must maintain them for two years.
    • This project is 660 feet away from Union Station Chicago.
    • This towers of this project are at least 100 feet away from Presidential Towers.

Location: 601 West Monroe Street, West Loop

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