Lincoln Park Nunnery To Become Lux Homes

It was about six months ago that we told you that the nuns who run the Cenacle retreat in Lincoln Park were ready to move on. Now we know more about this property’s future. Considering its location, it’s not surprising in any way that Dennis Rodkin from Crain’s Chicago Business was on WGN Morning News this week telling the world that it’s going to become luxury housing. Big shock.

The Cenacle Sisters retreat Center (via Apple Maps)
The Cenacle Sisters retreat Center (via Apple Maps)

Though the Cenacle Sisters organization has been around for 195 years, the number of nuns has thinned to the point that it’s no longer possible to keep this location running, so the building is going to be demolished and redeveloped. The money from the sale will be used to support the remaining nuns for what remains of their lives.

The building at 513 West Fullerton parkway was built in 1967, and looks every bit of it. But that’s OK, because this was a spiritual retreat. If the building was ugly, that’s fine because visitors were supposed to look inward, not outward.

Mr. Rodkin indicated that the plans haven’t been fully nailed down, but we should expect a multi-unit residential building on part of the property, and some townhouse action on the rest. Being just two blocks away from Lincoln Park, we expect prices to run from pharisees up to golden calf territory.

Location: 513 West Fullerton Parkway, Lincoln Park

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