SOM Bakes Up 2 Skyscrapers To Replace ADM Flour Mill

A lot of people had strong feelings when the old ADM flour mill at 1300 West Carroll Street was turned into powdermilk biscuits earlier this year. Some people thought such an industrial legacy no longer belonged so close to downtown Chicago. Others who had lived in the city longer had grown to love it, and felt a kinship with that piece of history. But none of that matters now because serial real estate developer Sterling Bay has filed its plans for a pair of new skyscrapers in that space.

November, 2021 rendering of 1300 West Carroll Avenue
November, 2021 rendering of 1300 West Carroll Avenue

The first tower to go up will be on the east side of the property. Expect 38 floors, with retail at the bottom, residences at the top, and offices in a nine-story attached podium.

Plans for the second tower on the west side are a little less firm. It should be an even bigger tower, but whether it’s going to be residential or office, even Carnac the Magnificent doesn’t know just yet. Such is life in the time of ‘rona. Here are the vitals:

  • Address: 1300 West Carroll
  • Developer: Sterling Bay
  • Architecture firm: SOM
  • Zoning: M2-3 → DX-7 → Residential-Business Planned Development
  • Maximum height:
    • East tower: 418 feet
    • West tower: 515
  • Roof height:
    • East tower: 391 feet
    • West tower: TBD
  • Floor area ratio:
    • East tower: 8.795
    • West tower: 16.09
  • Maximum residences:
    • East tower: 338
    • West tower: 633 maybe
  • Office space:
    • East tower: 204,780 square feet
    • West tower: 569,657 square feet maybe
  • Automobile parking:
    • East tower: 460 spaces
    • West tower: 255 spaces

Location: 1300 West Carroll Avenue, West Town

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