Sterling Bay’s Latest Skyscraper Gets Liked and Hearted by Plan Commission

You may have noticed that the freight train bringing new skyscrapers to Chicago has showed up empty in recent weeks. Things usually slow down around Christmastime, so we’re not revving up a klaxon just yet, but keep an eye on this just in case one thing ceases to lead to another.

December, 2021 rendering of 1245 West Fulton Market
December, 2021 rendering of 1245 West Fulton Market

In the meantime, enjoy the skyscraper that Sterling Bay stuffed in your stocking just before the man with the bag comes to town: 28 stories loaded with 350 new homes at 1245 West Fulton Market in West Town.

While you were making a shopping list and trying to remember where the mall is because everything you ordered for little Timmy and Tammy is bobbing around on a cargo ship two time zones west, the Plan Commission decided that this building a good thing, and voted to approve the project. Other approvals are needed, but not considered obstacles at this time.

In a sign of peace on earth, goodwill to men, the building will bring 70 — count ’em, 70 — units of affordable housing to a neighborhood that went from “really quite affordable” to “not affordable at all” in just a few years. It brings joy to the world to see all of the units mandated by city ordinance located in the actual building, instead of being bought off with cash or slagged off to other buildings in other places. (If you haven’t already, see our earlier piece about the state of affordable housing development in Chicago.)

Here’s what this lick of peppermint stick looks like:

  • Address: 1245 West Fulton Market
  • Developer: Sterling Bay
  • Zoning: C3-3 → M2-3 → DX-7 → R-BPD
  • Floor area ratio: 9.0 (7.0 base + 2.0 bonus)
  • Floors: 28
  • Height: 314 feet
  • Residences: 350
  • Retail space: 9,615 square feet
  • Parking
    • Automobile: 95 spaces
    • Bicycle: 199 spaces
  • Two blocks from the proposed new Ogden Metra station
  • Predictable pool on the parking podium

Location: 1245 West Fulton Market, West Town

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