Three Building Plan Brings 600-Foot-Tall Skyscraper to Fulton Market

When we first started this publication almost 20 years ago, 15 stories was considered to be a huge building for Fulton Market. Now, people don’t even notice when a 25-story tower goes up. But they will notice the newest skyscraper planned for what used to be Chicago’s meat packing district: a 50-story apartment/hotel block designed by Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture.

January, 2022 drawing of 1200 West Fulton Market.
January, 2022 drawing of 1200 West Fulton Market.

The new structure will climb to 600 feet, and house 500 apartments, and a 200-room hotel. It’s part of a three-building complex expected to wipe away any memories of the food distributors who used to call this block home. Many of them decamped for the Pilsen/Bridgeport area when the property was put into play back in the year David Bowie records suddenly became very hard to get.

The other two buildings are 25-story and 10-story office buildings. The smaller of the two sports a gabled roof that is kinda-sorta reminiscent of the Loyola University Law Center. The larger one is the stack of glass blocks atop a soft loft podium that is becoming a recurring theme in downtown Chicago.

This new plan replaces a much smaller three-building plan that we told you about back in 2016, and another three-building plan that we told you about in 2019. With a new developer, and new architecture firm, we’ll see if the third time is the charm for three-building plans.

Location: 1200 West Fulton Market, West Town

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