West Town Skyscraper Plan Gets 124% Taller, Better Looking

Four months after the Bridgford Foods building in West Town was turned to dust, plans for its replacement have hit City Hall. Again.

The plan for 170 North Green Street has been tweaked before; most recently in 2017. The 2022 version is much taller, and better looking than what was presented back then. Much like your high school boyfriend.

January, 2022 diagram of 170 North Green.
January, 2022 diagram of 170 North Green.

The building’s height has gone from 210 feet to 470 feet. The number of apartments has been reduced from 314 to 275, but a hotel and office space have been added. Also, the new architect on this one is the Lamar Johnson Collaborative. Here’s the revised details of this revised project:

  • Address: 170 North Green Street
  • Zoning: RBPD 1354 → DX-7 → RBPD 1354 (amended)
  • Architecture firm: Lamar Johnson Collaborative
  • Net site area: 62,600 square feet
  • Floor area ratio: 11.5 (7.0 base + 4.5 bonus)
  • Floors: 40
  • Height
    • Maximum: 470 feet
    • Roof: 455 feet
  • Tower setback: 14th floor/182 feet
  • Maximum residences: 275
  • Affordable housing obligation: 55 units
  • Parking
    • Automobile: 235 spaces
    • Bicycle: 97 spaces
  • Loading docks: 2

Location: 170 North Green Street, West Town

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