What is Chicago Architecture?

Chicago Architecture is an online publication that chronicles the urban life and development in Chicago.  While its focus is often the downtown areas of Chicago, this is an accident of geography and not policy.  We are interested in all areas of Chicagoland and beyond.

How long has it been around?

We’ve been in regular publication since September of 2003.  That means that we’re cooler than your blog, and your favorite band sucks.  Not all articles are available online because we have occasionally moved from one platform to another, and it was not always possible to bring older articles along.

Some have suggested that we’re among the oldest blogs in Chicago still in publication.  Our research has turned up only one older blog, Gapers Block; and that recently went into hibernation.  If you know of an older one than us, please let us know.

Who writes the articles?

We have several regular and guest writers.  We welcome submissions from all, whether they are written articles or simply snapshots of your neighborhood.  If you’d like to write for us, or send us pictures, contact us at ChicagoArchitectureInfo@gmail.com.

Can I write for the you?

Yes.  Probably.  If you live in Chicago or Chicagoland, have an interest in architecture or just the City of Chicago, chances are “yes.”  Shoot an e-mail to ChicagoArchitectureInfo@gmail.com and tell us about yourself, your interests, the sorts of things you might write about, and links to or clips of any samples you might have and we’ll see what happens.  You don’t have to be a professional writer, or an architect or engineer, or anything like that.  You just have to be passionate about Chicago.

Why do you keep referring to my neighborhood as “West Town” when I live in the West Loop.

Because you don’t live in the West Loop, you live in West Town.  Real estate agents will tell you any lie they need to in order to sell a condo.  If that means pretending a less-trendy location is in a trendy part of town, then that’s probably the least of their sins.  It’s not our fault that you believed the real estate agent.

Can I contribute without writing?

Absolutely.  You can just snap pictures of interesting things you see in your neighborhood or around town with your cameraphone and e-mail them to ChicagoArchitectureInfo@gmail.com.

Why are your articles full of addresses in parentheses?

In part, to give newcomers to the city and people unfamiliar with the locations of the topics we’re writing about a means of reference.  Also because there are various computerized “bots” on the internet that scour our content and sort it into neighborhood news packages for people.  This helps those people.

What is a “Spy?”

A “Spy” is a general term we use for anyone who sends us a news tip. Usually people send us just one sentence or maybe a photograph and a sentence. We assign names to those people who do not want to be identified based on the area that they send us the most tips from. For example, “West Loop Spy Kevin” or “Gold Coast Spy Jenny.” Sending us a news tip doesn’t make you a spy. We’re happy to use your real name or another handle of your choosing. But if you don’t tell us what to call you, you will become a “Spy.”

What kind of news tips are you looking for?

Anything. Everything. Sure, we love big stories, but not everything worth publishing is huge.  Even smaller “tiplets” are welcome.  Did a new restaurant open up on your block? Pop us a note. Is construction on that building by work coming along nicely?  Whip out your cameraphone and shoot us a pic. Did you go to a neighborhood festival?  Take a dozen pictures and we’ll make a gallery out of them.

Who is responsible for Chicago Architecture?

Chicago Architecture is the property of the Artefaqs Corporation, which was founded in Chicago in 2007.

How can I get in touch with someone from Chicago Architecture?

The easiest way is to e-mail ChicagoArchitectureInfo@gmail.com.  If you want a more complicated method, click the “Contact” link near the top of this page for a complete list of contact options.

Can I advertise on Chicago Architecture?

Yes.  Ads can be had for as little as $30/month.  If you’re not into cash, we have been known on occasion to trade for products and services.  Shoot an e-mail to ChicagoArchitectureInfo@gmail.com and we’ll work something out.

How many readers does Chicago Architecture have?

Hard to believe it, but tens of thousands.  Many tens of thousands.  We tend to hover right around 100,000 unique readers each month.  We love each and every one of you, but even we have to shake our heads when we look at the numbers from Google Analytics.