Your News Tips and Pictures

Do you have a news tip?  Something we should know?  Something we missed?  Did you take a cool picture with your phone?  Let us know!

There are lots of ways to get in touch with us!

E-mail (best)

The best way is to simply shoot a plain old e-mail to  This address is pretty much constantly monitored and is great for sending us press releases, story ideas, photographs, questions, or whatever else you have.

Anonymous Contact Form

Sometimes you want to be anonymous.  That’s OK.  If you want to whisper something to us, use our Contact Form and just enter a bunch of bogus information for your name and e-mail address.  It’s not like we’ll know differently.  This method is also monitored regularly.

Text Message

If you’re all high-tech, you can send us a text message.  Our number is 206/227-1096.  Note that this is a text-receiving device, so don’t try to call it on your phone; that won’t work, you’ll get a weird message from the phone company.  Also note that we don’t monitor this all that regularly.  At least not as regularly as we should.


This is probably the worst way of getting in touch with us.  But I have a policy of never trusting web sites that don’t provide complete contact information (what are they trying to hide?), so here’s our blower: 312/436-0400.

Postal Mail

Some organizations, particularly architecture firms, like to send us press releases and CDs and even candy (yes, candy!) the old-fashioned way.  That’s OK.  We’re old school, too.  Here’s the address to use:

Chicago Architecture Info
℅ Artefaqs Corporation
3565 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Suite 116
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

On behalf of all of the writers, reporters, and researchers, and Henri the cat here at Chicago Architecture, we look forward to hearing from you!