Privacy Policy

We’re not going to lie to you. Your privacy isn’t our priority. It’s not even close. Not because we want to track your every move. But because we simply don’t care. We’d rather spend what limited time we have actually improving the web site. We’re into taking pictures and adding content, not obsessing over what your dog had for lunch so we can sell it to MegaEnormousBigCo. We’re not tracking you. We’re not tabulating you. We’re not folding, spindling, or mutilating you. Seriously, your personal life is not important to us.

However, you may or may not be of interest to the people who advertise on this web site. We have no control over the code that runs those ads. One of those companies is Google. We don’t use Google’s people tracking tech, but we run Google’s ads. So if you want to know more about what that means to you, click here.

The good news is that in the interest of your privacy, our sanity, and the betterment of the internet in general, we have reduced the number of ads on this web site by 70% in the last five years. More content, fewer ads. And we don’t have any evil tracking beacons on here. We don’t even have Google Analytics, which is on 114% of the websites on the internet. We took it off because Google was slurping up too much information about you and it made us feel all oogie inside. We’re good like that.

So surf around the site without fear. We’re not watching you. And we hope that leads to better things for both of us.

Because this website may occasionally on a few occasions show some advertising supplied by a company named Exponential Interactive, and because of European Union regulations, the following text must be shown to you:

Exponential Interactive, Inc, as our partner, have a legitimate interest to collect and profile personal data in the form of IP address and cookie ID from users on our website in order to provide targeted online advertising and ad measurement. For more details including opt-out requests, access requests or complaints, please review their privacy policy or contact their data protection officer via

And this, too…

Cookie Name Sort by (Domain) Function Party Class Type Expiry
ANON_ID The anonymous hashed id in the cookie links the web user’s browser to a profile which contains the behaviors the user has displayed. Third Tracking Persistent 3 months

You can tell it’s European language by the use of the word Expiry instead of Expiration, and the incorrect use of have instead of has.

Why do we need to show a bunch of European Union legalese on a website about Chicago? Because the E.U. bureaucrats in Brussels promise to sue the pants off of any website that any European might happen to stumble upon that doesn’t meet their requirements. They’re under the impression that E.U. laws are enforceable in every corner of the earth. Good luck with that.